Saturday, October 16, 2010

Falafel Review #1: Mister Falafel

i hadn't planned on making Mister Falafel my first falafel stop, but as i found in my last post, plans are for suckers.

chris and i are pretty hungry and decided to pop in, after dodging the seven thousand trattorias on 7th avenue.  Mister Falafel is a hole in the wall, cheesily decorated joint where you walk in and there is a counter for to go orders.  this never stops me when it comes to falafel; i first fell in love with falafel in a similar venue (shout out to sultan's market in wicker park, chicago).

mister falafel's falafel can be summed up as greasy:  the little balls are spiced to perfection on the inside, but they are dark, heavy, and too oily on the outside.  you can get it with whatever topping you like (i choose a simple hummus, tomato and lettuce) and it is served in a boring, white, cold pita.  let's just say that the combination of refined wheat from the pita, and the grease, does not digest so joyfully.

this only makes me more determined to find that perfect falafel!  suggestions welcome!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

random kindness and generosity

life is full of amazing surprises...

just when you think you have things planned and mapped out, a wrench is thrown into your plans. yesterday i had a plan to go explore a new neighborhood, and literally mapped out my day by routes.

i wake up bright and early, to sounds of a critter that i believe has found a home in my radiator, or somewhere in the wall?   chris comes over not feeling well, i make him tea. we call the maintenance people, the never come.  i decide that this will not stop me!   and leaving chris to a nap, set out to go explore... i get as far as the station and realize my metrocard is gone! i am livid, disappointed and i just feel sad.

it's a week pass, and it was only the 4th day into the week!  mta only reimburses lost biweekly and monthly passes.  i have a melt down, like a 2 year old because i am really trying to stay on the tightest of budgets.  my sweet fiance (who is not feeling well)  tries to make me feel better by taking me to lunch.  it is about 1:30, and we are overwhelmed and hungry. we set out to the mexican restaurant in my neighborhood, it doesn't open until 4:30... and neither do any of the other restaurants in the area.  so we walk through prospect park, not really knowing where we'll end up.

as we walk through park slope and by the brownstones, crunching leaves under our feet, the sun shining brightly, but not enough to make me wish i'd brought my sunglasses, i realize that this day has turned out perfectly.  we talk about things we've never discussed.  we eat mr. falafel ( in depth falafel review to come) and have the most amazing vegan butter pecan ice cream at the v spot!

and the icing on the cake came today!  i am standing at the metrocard dispenser machine digging in my purse for my wallet, when a man comes over to me and says "you want me to swipe you in for free?"  i was skeptical, but he walked over to the turnstile, swiped his card, and i went through.  and then he just walked away.   i was amazed at his kindness, and reminded of just how much God is always taking care of me!  I will be passing that on.

Monday, October 11, 2010

back, and better than ever!

it's been a long while since i have posted.  i have lots to share.

i came back from my show and found an apartment, found a day job, got my wisdom teeth out, bought a wedding dress, ... and a whole lotta other stuff. 

anyway, i am finally feeling rejuvenated, and i'm starting up my quest to discover new york one borough at a time.  in conjunction with this, i will be in search of the best falafel sandwich in the city

what qualifies as good falafel, you ask?  light, crispy, little balls, with a perfect balance of toppings (tahini, hummus, etc.), wrapped in soft, warm pita.   suggestions are welcome!

in coming blogs you will also hear me talk about leaving it up on the cheap.  i have scaled down and i will be sharing how i've been surviving on a part time job in this expensive city.  it has been an experience that has, at times, been frustrating (cheap make-up crumbles the day after you buy it)  but i know that it will make me smarter about money when i have more of it.

ok, i promise not to stay away too long!  

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Play Me, I'm Yours!

So, yesterday, I hear about a composer doing a free impromptu concert in the lincoln center plaza.  If it's free, it's for me, I'll take three!  I hop on the F and I'm so sure that it will take me right to lincoln center plaza.  wrong!  (can we have a discussion about how just in one month i have forgotten the transit system, so sad) so i end up walking about a mile to get there and i'm late, and looking around, and i see a piano, free for the playing.  currently there is a person sitting at the piano playing a soaring piece and a beautiful operatic soprano singing this aria!  I'm enthralled, even though i know this is not the composer I came to see. 

I sit here for a while.  the soprano leaves, people meander by, some tinkling with it a little, and then and older woman, her husband and her granddaughter walk by.  the older woman sits down and starts playing so beautifully!  When she stops we are all clapping, she gives a shy shrug and leaves.  i hear a women nearby say that there are 60 pianos planted all over the city, just for people to sit down and play!  It's part of Sing For Hope , an amazing and inspiring project.  There are even some pianos in Brooklyn, and you better believe that until July 5 (that's when the project ends) I will be where these pianos are!  Who's with me?

next time i'll have pictures!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home, Sweet, Home? or seven giddy smiles

There's a question mark there, because I wonder whether or not I can call a place I'm subletting home.  I mean, I'm using someone else's furniture, and roommate.  All the same it feels spectacular to be back in New York. (That's right, spectacular.) I just came from a town of 4400 people.  I think there is no need to elaborate.

In just 4 weeks, some things have already changed here, and although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience in Sullivan, I am so giddy about being back that everything seems extra amazing to me!  Here's a list of things in the city that are putting smiles on my lips:

  1. the gentleman sleeping next to me on the train, "snoring".  it sounds more like a moose mating call, and it makes everyone around us smirk, giggle and exchange glances.
  2. i peek over someones shoulder on the same train and see her putting together a jigsaw puzzle on her iPhone.  there's an app for that!?  awesome!
  3. in one month away, 8 avenue in midtown somehow manages to install a shake shack!  (i'm not particularly a fan of shakes, but i know it will make my honey happier than a clam)
  4. speaking of my honey, i get to meet him at the stage door again!
  5. speaking of my honey, he gets a smoothie from juice generation, and (gasp) can not finish it, so he gives it to me!  talk about a role reversal!
  6. my brother calls me to say he's coming to visit me in this amazing city! (a perk of living in an amazing place: visitors like never before!)
  7. all the dried mango i can eat!!!! yum!

Friday, June 11, 2010

super girl

so remember when i went to that veggie pride parade.  i met someone there who said something that i can't get out of my head.

i'm there wearing my super hero shirt.  it is this red t-shirt with every comic book female super hero ever on it.  i always get lots of compliments from men who love these ladies when i wear it (sometimes it gets a little awkward because the superheroes are across my boobs, and they start pointing them each out by name).  In light of this, I don't think unusual when a certain gentleman (i'll call him ed (because that may or may not be his name, i can't remember)) compliments me on it.  Ed, however, is super enthusiastic about it, so I tell him that i had a super hero party on my 22nd birthday and everyone dressed up as a super hero.  This intrigued him even more, and he began to talk about the impact that super heroes have on our culture in a positive way. He loves the idea of some normal person having a great capacity to make an impact,  and how we all possess these powers, even beyond our understanding, or imagination.

Ed's words plus summer stock remind me that I am capable of so much more than I know.  Physically, creatively, and even in relationships.  Working at a summer theatre, in which I'm working on two shows at a time, forming substantial relationships, and challenging myself on every level - all at lightning speed is the quintessential super natural experience, evoking an energy and assertiveness that I forget that I have! 

Here are some pictures from this super natural experience.  :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So, I know it's been a while since I posted - but my heavens, 21 days??!  Here's what's been keeping my away:

A couple Sundays ago I attend my first meetup with the NYC Vegan Eatup..... the Veggie Pride Parade!  I meet lots of friendly vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians!!!  There's lots of free food, (even from the V spot (delectable empanadas)) coupons, and random packets of emergenC!  

The following Wednesday, my friend Annie comes to visit!  My first visitor!!! We see Billy Elliot right away (2nd time for me, but it was so wonderful all over again), and attend an artist alliance meetup.  The next day we go to the Broadway Show League Softball games in Central Park (CK is on the Billy Elliot team and they played the American Idiot team (they lost that week, but this week they kicked In the Height's butt!)) We have a deliciously amazing lunch at Harry's Burrito, (they are surprisingly super vegan friendly, and have better cheeze than blokheads)

Then we (with my friend Amanda go wedding dress shopping at the Macy's on 34th street.

The next day we have a picnic in beautiful Prospect Park, and i show Annie where Chris proposed!

Then we go to Ripley Grier to have a tap lesson with Chris/CK.

Saturday we both fly out of town - but not before having breakfast at Cafe Luluc (delicious Chickpea Salad just down the street from me) and going to the dance parade on 14th street!  Of course this is all interspersed with a lot of girl talk, as I really haven't had much of that since I've moved to New York.  I realized how much I need that!

Now I am in Sullivan, IL putting together Showboat and Sleeping Beauty.  And really this is the first break I've had in which I haven't been eating, faxing things home, wedding planning, or sleeping!!!

For the next month my posts will be about Sullivan, and the show, and perhaps some random rants... but in a month we will pick up again with NYC exploration!!!!  I hope I still have your readership! :)